US to announce global nuclear fusion strategy at COP28

The U.S. will lay out the first international strategy to commercialize nuclear fusion power at the upcoming UN climate summit in Dubai, U.S. Special Envoy on Climate Change John Kerry will say on Monday, two sources familiar with the announcement said. Fusion could have an important advantage over today’s nuclear fission plants that split atoms,….

Biden administration announces $1.3B for 3 new massive transmission lines to shuttle clean energy

The Biden administration is announcing it will spend $1.3 billion of new federal funding to help create three new, massive electrical transmission lines in the Southwest and New England, in an effort to improve the nation’s power grid and get more renewable energy into America’s homes and businesses. The lines will span from Arizona to….

Connecticut partnering with R.I. and Mass. for future wind power projects

Connecticut officials on Wednesday announced an agreement with their counterparts in Rhode Island and Massachusetts to launch a joint effort to procure new wind power contracts for their respective states. The memorandum of understanding between the three states comes as wind power project developers already under contract to them are seeking to terminate those contracts,….

An El Niño winter is coming— what will it look like?

This years winter may look drastically different than recent years because of El Niño. This winter will be the first in a few years to feel the effects of the phenomenon, which has a sizable impact on the weather during the coldest months of the year. El Niño is one of three phases of the….

The 2023 Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up will be held at Polar Park in Worcester, MA on September 19th

The Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up is an event where creative people and companies come together to share their innovativeness with other manufacturers of MA. You have the chance to meet other business leaders and entrepreneurs, discover new programs, and strengthen your knowledge on the newest robotics and AI technology. Link to register:”

Peak day in New England expected today

Possibility of a new annual peak today: (4/5) =  HIGHLY LIKELY This would be the first peak day recorded in September. Details: The ISO New England Forecast Peak for today is 22,800 MW in the 6pm EDThour. This is 101.8% of this fiscal year’s FY Annual Peak To Date of 22,390 MW. This means that a new Annual Peak would be reached….

Maui County says Hawaiian Electric caused deadly blazes in new lawsuit

Maui County has filed suit against Hawaiian Electric, alleging that the utility is responsible for catastrophic damages from wildfires that tore through Maui this month. The utility “acted negligently by failing to power down their electrical equipment despite a National Weather Service Red Flag Warning” on August 7th, Maui County alleges. The suit says Hawaiian Electric’s….