U.S. Energy Sector CO2 Emission to Drop 3% in 2023 as Coal Use Declines, EIA Says

Carbon dioxide emitted by the U.S. energy sector is expected to fall 3% year to year to 4,790 million metric tons in 2023, as higher electricity generation from renewable sources such as solar power should keep replacing coal-fired power plants, the Energy Information Administration said Tuesday.

In addition, ELA said in its Tuesday report that it predicts CO2 emissions resulting from petroleum consumption will remain relatively unchanged, with rising jet fuel consumption offsetting falling gasoline consumption.

Transportation accounts for almost half of the carbon emissions from consuming petroleum, the agency said. EIA said the forecast reduction in carbon emissions is largely due to lower power generation by coal-fired power plants, which is expected to account for an 18% decline in coal-related emissions in 2023 and a 5% decline in 2024.