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“Competition is the keen cutting edge of business, always shaving away at costs.” – Henry Ford

The MassMEC program is designed to help Massachusetts businesses lower their electricity and natural gas costs.  The MassMEC program provides businesses with a trusted resource to:

  • Ensure they are paying the lowest available electricity and natural gas supply costs.
  • Avoid paying sales tax on utilities unnecessarily when eligible for exemption.
  • Save money on energy efficiency upgrades by leveraging available state and utility incentives.
  • Explore and evaluate onsite solar, community solar, onsite battery storage, electric vehicle charging, and other energy-related projects.

MassMEC places its members into groups with similar energy needs. Aspects such as rate class, load factor, capacity, and location all are used to determine with whom a company is best grouped. EarlyBird Power then negotiates on behalf of MassMEC with qualified power suppliers in the region for the lowest available market price.  In order to participate, a business needs to have at least one electricity and/or natural gas utility account.

It’s easy to see how this kind of competition and forward planning creates fantastic energy pricing for our members.

To discuss specific questions or learn more about the program, call us (888) 763-2759.

To get started, email one recent utility bill for each electricity and/or natural gas account to: [email protected].  We will respond promptly.