MassMEC Member of the Month | Airxchange | June 2014

The Massachusetts Manufacturing Energy Collaborative (MassMEC), an energy buying group for manufacturers in Massachusetts, is proud to present the MassMEC Group Member of the Month to Airxchange, Inc.  With 30+ years of experience and over 200,000 installations, Airxchange is the leading manufacturer of Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) wheels, an innovative product that recycles the energy from exhaust air, drastically reducing the required load of heating and cooling units.  The Rockland, MA company helps building owners and facility managers strike a balance between energy conservation and indoor air quality with a wide range of application options for both retrofitting and installing Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

MassMEC has helped Airxchange lower their energy costs and secure them a rate to better budget these costs and hedge their risk over the coming years.  Through MassMEC’s efforts, Airxchange was able to save $2,800 – $3,600 per year over the next 3 years on their electric charges.  In addition to successfully avoiding an automatic fee increase on their electricity costs, MassMEC was able to secure Airxchange an extended long-term contract that will save the company 11 percent over their next best quote.

Dave Kirk, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Airxchange said the following about his experience working with MassMEC: “The knowledge, enthusiasm, and fast response guided us through the process.  The entire team provided straightforward information and guidance, making it easy to understand the various elements of energy cost and how to better manage the expense.”

About MassMEC 

MassDevelopment, the state’s finance and development agency, created MassMEC and selected EarlyBird Power through a competitive bidding process to manage the energy buying group.  The purpose of the Collaborative is to lower energy costs for manufacturers by negotiating volume rates from electricity and natural gas suppliers.  Shaun Pandit, president of EarlyBird Power and manager of MassMEC said, “MassMEC is an innovative program that addresses one of the single biggest challenges facing manufacturers – the high cost of energy.”  MassMEC was announced by Governor Deval Patrick in April 2014 and is also a product of the Advanced Manufacturing Collaborative, a Governor Patrick initiative that brings together members of the private and public sectors to support Massachusetts’s manufacturers.

About EarlyBird Power

 EarlyBird Power is a Milton-based energy market expert that provides energy management and sustainability solutions to commercial, municipal, and industrial clients across the United States.  As a licensed electricity and natural gas broker in every deregulated state, EarlyBird Power assists businesses across the United States with procuring the lowest priced electricity or natural gas supply.  Under the leadership of Shaun Pandit, a 14 year veteran in the electricity and natural gas markets, EarlyBird Power can monitor market opportunities and risks, market trends, and pricing to serve clients as well as to ensure the best possible rates through optimal services and hassle-free transactions.