Massachusetts Energy Efficiency and Renewable Programs

Dear Friends,

We would like to introduce two exciting programs brought to you by MassSAVE that can help lower your utility costs and improve your energy efficiency:

Utility Rebate Programs

1)    MassSAVE (Electric) – Commercial New Construction Program

MassSAVE organizes services for programs administered by electric and gas companies, including National Grid.

The program, specifically the Custom Measures section, supplies incentives for more complex measures that go beyond prescriptive guidelines. Included in these solutions are solar thermal systems, insulation and weatherization, and lighting systems. Energy engineers will determine the savings potential of new projects before granting the rebate, and Program Administrators share up to 50% of the engineer’s expense to quantify potential savings.

Rebate can cover up to 75% of incremental cost of installed equipment.

2)    MassSAVE (Electric) – Commercial Retrofit Program

This is a utility program, in conjunction with National Grid, for feasibility in replacing or upgrading equipment.

Feasibility studies are capped at 50% of cost of upgraded equipment, or an amount that buys down the cost of the project to a 1.5 year simple payback. Eligible equipment includes HVAC, lighting, and energy management systems.