Eversource MA Announced Large C&I Electricity Rates Top 40 cents/kWh in December

New rate filings by Eversource with the Massachusetts DPU for Large C&I customers are more than double for the same periods last year, following significant increases in the cost of natural gas in New England over the past 9 months.

The announced rates are as follows:

Large C&I in SEMA:

Oct: $0.21053

Nov: $0.28610

Dec: $0.40476

Large C&I in WMECO:

Oct: $0.17874

Nov: $0.23398

Dec: $0.32962

The rate filing from Eversource for Large C&I in NEMA has not yet been published. 

Natural gas is the marginal fuel for the majority of electricity produced in the region and their relative costs are tightly correlated.