Kinder Morgan, Berkshire Gas Anticipate Northeast Direct Project Start

Richard Kinder, CEO of the country’s largest midstream company, Kinder Morgan (KMI), spoke  with CNBC last week and affirmed the possibility of starting the Northeast Direct Project soon with a “I think we will. ” “And the main problem here is it’s just ironic that the highest price for electricity and natural gas in the….

Massachusetts 2015 Solar Net Metering Projects to Halt with Caps Hit

In March, public projects within National Grid service areas reached the 256.6 MW (megawatt) net metering cap for 2015. Massachusetts net metering caps are based off each utility’s historical peak MW energy demand, with a small percentage cap allocated toward private (4%) and public (5%) solar projects, falling short from the State’s 1600 MW goal. NGrid….

MA DPU Waives Recalculation Fees for Residential and Small C&I, Establishes Tracking Mechanism

On April Thirteenth, MA D.P.U. ordered  utilities to eliminate the recalculation fees for residential and small C&I customers who switch from their electric utility to supplier, keeping the fees for medium-large C&I customers and tracking when utility-supplier switches are made. In their investigation beginning last year, the D.P.U. argued that waiving the fees would open….

MA DPU Orders Investigation for Basic Service Procurement

On April Ninth, the MA Dept. of Public Utilities ordered an investigation into the pricing and procurement of basic service electricity, affected by two key issues: High Costs: Massachusetts faced historically high basic service costs over the past two winters, and the DPU will review a full range of possibilities for basic service procurement and….

Waltham Companies Join Energy Buy Group

courtesy of The Waltham News Tribune WALTHAM The Massachusetts Manufacturing Energy Collaborative (MassMEC), a buying group of manufacturers that reduces energy costs by purchasing energy supply in bulk, announced that more than 100 businesses – including two from Waltham – have signed on to participate in the collaborative to save on the rising cost of….

National Grid MA Files Spring/Summer 2015 Electric Rates

On Saint Patrick’s Day March 17, National Grid (Massachusetts and Nantucket Electric Companies) filed May-July 2015 industrial rates, along with May-October 2015 residential and commercial rates. Thanks, MassMEC Team National Grid Massachusetts Basic Service Rates Residential (R-1, R-2, R-4, E) Commercial (G-1, Streetlights) Industrial NEMA (G-2, G-3) Industrial SEMA (G-2, G-3) Industrial WCMA (G-2, G-3)….

State-Backed MassMEC saves through Purchasing Groups

courtesy of The Patriot Ledger February 25th, 2015 By Gerry Tuoti and Natalie Ornell QUINCY – With higher electric rates taking effect this winter, some municipal and business customers are exploring bulk purchasing groups as a way to keep energy costs down.Citing constrained capacity on natural gas pipelines feeding New England power plants, National Grid and NStar….

NSTAR Electric dba Eversource files Spring 2015 Industrial Rates for Massachusetts

NSTAR Electric (now Eversource) recently filed spring 2015 rates for Massachusetts NEMA and SEMA industrial users. The fixed rates are from April through June (NEMA: $.07542/kWh, SEMA: $.07055/kWh). The variable rates are for: April (NEMA: $.0716/kWh, SEMA: $.07076/kWh) May (NEMA: $.0695/kWh, SEMA: $.06538/kWh) June (NEMA: $.08113/kWh, SEMA: $.07513/kWh)   Rates for NSTAR’s rate-classes are provided….

EEA Secretary Beaton Names DPU Commissioner, Chair, and Assistant Secretary Along with Crucial Executive Office Leadership

From the Commonwealth’s website: Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Matthew Beaton announced Rob Hayden as the DPU Commissioner, Angela O’Connor as the DPU Chair, Ron Gerwatowski as the EEA Assistant Secretary, along with other leadership positions crucial to the environmental and energy demands of MA. Robert Hayden: “I’m excited to work on behalf….

Revamped Kinder Morgan Pipeline Approved by Major NE Trade Unions

From the Boston Business Journal: Three major construction unions in New England are throwing their considerable weight behind a controversial proposal by Kinder Morgan Inc to build a new natural gas pipeline across western Massachusetts and through southern New Hampshire. Representing a total of 84,000 workers, the Massachusetts Building Trades Council, New Hampshire Building and….